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Machining made very easy

RODIN machining makes it as easy as possible for you. With us you never have to wait for a calculator again. The entire customer process - from registration, to work preparation, production and invoicing - is almost completely automatic. After uploading your 3D model, 2D specifications and selecting the desired material and delivery date, you will immediately receive your price. Is it ok? Then your assignment is immediately put into the system and almost automatically translated into machine code by our CAM programmers, after which the robots start working for you 24/7. In the online customer portal you can continue to follow your order and view the 3D model of the product that you have made by our machines.
It's that easy!
It’s that easy!


Our portal is linked to daily prices of suppliers and makes it possible for you
to receive your quote within 1 minute.
Our self-learning software determines the most efficient routing and production sequence based on availability. Through smart integrations with chain partners, materials and tools are delivered just-in-time.
This allows you to receive your order at lightning speed. Throughout the Netherlands.

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And the quality? It is high quality and only gets better with time.
The presetting device is the key to precision where the effective values of the tools are measured and on which the program is corrected in the machining station. The machines work with measuring probes to achieve dimensions in accordance with the desired tolerances. This way you can be sure that you will receive the best end result at RODIN machining.


When placing the order, we agree on a delivery date and then we also deliver! During the entire process, your order can be followed via the portal. This way you know from placing your order to delivery which steps we do and when. You know exactly where you stand. We work entirely computer-controlled, but our computers have not taken over the human dimension. If you have a question, we will help you.