RODIN machining focuses on metalworking, milling and turning, also known as machining. RODIN machining is set up as a 4.0 industry, the automation and connectivity is extremely modern and progressive. RODIN becomes a fully automated and robotic company. This makes the professional and enthusiastic team of people what works there fairly small and important.


RODIN machining BV was founded in March 2022 by Ruud Appel, Dennis Oud, Gem Bot and Paul Mooij. The members of the management team are no strangers to the market. Ruud and Dennis have taken their first steps in the metal industry in their company Top Sierhekwerken BV. After selling this, they founded Hollandsteel BV, a 3.0 industrial company; IT and computer technology are used to automate the process. After selling its share in Bot Bouwgroep, Gem Bot stepped in to further develop and professionalize Hollandsteel into an (almost) 4.0 industrial company. Paul Mooij has been involved with Hollandsteel as well as various other companies from his profession as an independent professional in automation & digitization.

Our team We have a small-scale team
that has been involved since the start. Our work planners or CAM programmers and our operators ensure that our operation runs smoothly.

(energy) efficient production processes

RODIN machining pays attention to energy consumption. For example, we have solar panels and our machines also run at night. All material waste is disposed of for reuse.
We also use Folia A, a coolant based on renewable raw materials and is therefore more environmentally friendly and sustainable than comparable lubricants made from mineral oils. Healthier for our people, machines and our product.

Our clients

RODIN machining works for a wide variety of clients throughout the Netherlands. Our customers are companies in the manufacturing industry that process metal in the broadest sense of the word. Big and small. Think of construction companies, machine builders, coachbuilders, furniture manufacturers, shipping, automotive industry and petrochemical industry.