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So what do we do?

We make your artwork out of metal. Say sculpting with steel. A bit like the great sculptor Rodin, the creator of 'The Thinker', did with marble and after whom we named our company, We do this honestly, with pleasure and with one thing in mind: making it as easy as possible for you.

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To give you an idea:

  • Milling With CNC milling you can mill out the most complex and 3D shapes extremely accurately and very quickly. Simply put, this means that the machine is computer controlled. This works on the basis of coordinates. The CNC milling machine can walk a certain path based on a list of coordinates
  • Turn CNC turning ensures that the metal is processed by means of a CNC lathe. The material rotates in the spindle and material is turned off with various tools.
  • Bore CNC controlled machines drill better and cleaner with milling tools in circular milling mode.
  • Sell CNC controlled threading in the drilled hole to eventually create a bolted connection.
  • Wire milling CNC method to produce threading using milling machining.
  • Threading A CNC method used to make threads in metal products.
Including delivery. A normal service we think. Service does not stop at our back door, we arrange transport.